How much does a custom pop made by you cost?

All of our personal custom pop vinyls are priced at £79.99 this includes full customisation of pop and custom pop box, every custom pop also comes in a pop protector!

 We also offer fan favourite pops each month which are priced individually.

We now also offer a Layaway Service where you can put down a deposit and make payments over 1, 2 or 3 months, the layaway service is completely custom and you can choose which dates you want to pay each month. The invoices will be sent to your email for you to pay! it's as easy as that!

Do you ship outside of the UK? yes! We Ship worldwide! 

How long will it take for you to create my custom pop? All orders are on a limited number per month and once we hit the limit your order will go onto the next months orders. Please check on the product you are purchasing to see what month we are taking orders for. Please be aware we don't keep stock of our work and each pop is custom made by hand. This means completion times may vary depending on circumstances.


How do I order a custom pop vinyl? You can only purchase our pop vinyls through our online store on www.popgoesthevinyl.co.uk , here the page will take you through Stripe for a safe and secured transaction. 


Now what happens? If your order is a personal custom pop you can contact us via our email address or our Facebook Page, or via the website chat.  we will chat about what you would like your custom pop and box to look like! You can be involved in as much of the process as you like! We will send you updates on our progress throughout the process to ensure you are truly happy with your custom product!


Now sit back and wait for your custom PGTV pop to arrive in the post!!

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